Near- und Offshoring

  • Scaling Marketing and IT Resources

  • Establish necessary processes and systems

  • Securing knowledge development and transfer

  • Creating fair working conditions

  • Use suitable method set

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I strengthen your digital clout with pre-qualified marketing & IT resources, build collaboration processes and tools and support you with project management.

Setting up a remote team

I provide you with external teams with the desired marketing & IT skills.

Option 1: Managed Remote Team

I provide you with experienced project managers to manage your remote team.

Option 2: Self-Managed Remote Team

My specialists are integrated into your team and managed by your own project managers.

Technology is directly responsible for the company’s growth.

Scale as needed.

UX Designer

User Researcher

Requirement Engineer

Interaction Designer

Visual Designer

Product Owner

Scrum Master

Software Architect

Software Developer


I develop teams according to customer requirements and budget with resources from Germany and Eastern Europe. All completely transparent and according to quality standards.

Learn more about the “Systematic Remote Success” (SRS) method

Companies can make the nearshoring and offshoring of digitization projects smoother and qualitatively more consistent with the “Systematic Remote Success” (SRS) management method developed and implemented by Remote Native in order to scale sustainably more efficient and calculable resources for digital marketing and IT. Use 1,000+ prequalified resources from the Remote Native Network.

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Agile Development Process

I recommend implementing your project using agile IT project management methods. The stages will be divided into sprints, and the backlog of tasks will be gradually refined as the work progresses.

  • The iterative procedure ensures efficient work.

  • Less mistakes and misunderstandings through better communication between all involved.

  • Timely changes causes far less cost and quality losses than refactoring at the end of the development process.

  • Continuous testing of individual modules ensures that occurring errors can be detected and remedied as quickly as possible.

  • Agile Software Development with Scrum creates a carefully tuned and functional software solution.

If it is more suitable for the project, I also develop classically according to the waterfall method.

Agile Development Process

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